Company Profile

D.B. Gangoda Associates International (Pvt.) Ltd., is a Private Limited liability Company with the registered office at No 01, Spathodea Avenue, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka. It was incorporated as a limited liability company under the present name in the year 1988. The Company is successor to Upanga Enterprises, which operated as a partnership business from 1980.

We are a multi - discipline firm, actively engaged in the large-scale import of Scientific, Technical and Laboratory equipment to Universities, Technical Colleges and Research Institutes in the country. We are proud to be a major contributor in the supply and maintenance of such equipment during last few decades. In addition we have gained expertise and experience in handling projects funded by:

♣ The Asian Development Bank,
♣ The World Bank
♣ KfW
♣ Nordic Development Fund
♣ eKf
♣ and other international aid agencies.

We have forged a successful relationship with these organization By working with the by unilateral and multilateral funding agencies
D B Gangoda Associates International Private Limited started diversifying its activities in to Turnkey Solutions with the knowledge and relationship forged between these funding agencies.

At present we are one of the largest importers of educational, research, experimental, and Laboratory equipment to Sri Lanka in the field of,

♣ Schools (secondary schools)
♣ Vocational colleges
♣ Technical colleges
♣ Research Institutes
♣ Universities
♣ Manufacturing institutes.

And focusing on teaching solutions for:

♣ Mechanical Engineering Equipment,
♣ Electrical Engineering,
♣ Electronic Engineering,
♣ Electrical machines,
♣ Electrical power Engineering,
♣ Electrical installations,
♣ Telecommunications,
♣ Automation,
♣ Industrial Electronics,
♣ Power Electronics,
♣ Thermodynamics,
♣ Process control,
♣ Automatic control Technologies,
♣ Food technology,
♣ Chemical technology,
♣ Laboratory equipment
♣ Heavy Machinery etc.